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Neverwinter: The Heart of Fire Is Coming Next Year in January

2018-12-20 09:14:00

Neverwinter’s latest module, The Heart of Fire featuring Acquisitions Incorporated is coming to Neverwinter on PS4 and Xbox One on January 15, 2019. As the the 15th major update of the Dungeons & Dragons MMO,“Heart of Fire” introduces multiple new ways of experiencing old group content, completely reshuffles class balance, and overhauls old Professions into a new Workshop system. To save you time, here’s everything we know now about the Heart of Fire. So keep on reading.

The Heart Of Fire

“Content for The Heart of Fire spans the entire leveling experience, allowing adventurers to begin experiencing Acquisitions Incorporated’s signature irreverent humor beginning at level 15. Seek a relic from Dungeons & Dragons’ past while weaving through a beholder convention, riding in the company airship and fighting alongside Jim Darkmagic inside the Manycoins Bank. The Professions system will receive an overhaul, allowing players to own their own workshop. In addition, we have also included a number of improvements to class balance and rewards, all arriving when the module releases on console early next year.”
New Story and Campaign
The story in Module 15 is a second one next to Tyranny of Dragons that can be started on lower levels and scaling content makes sure the challenge remains casual and steady throughout the quests. In a fun-first story players apply as interns at Acquisitions Incorporated’s new branch in the Protector’s Enclave and help their bosses to find the “Heart of Fire”. A brand-new event with bonus rewards makes sure new players get even more out of the latest story line. There certainly hasn’t been a better time to get into the game! Still troubled by lack of Zen, come and buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen from pointssale.com, the cheapest online in-game currency store.
Moreover, The Heart of Fire also have something to offer for seasoned veterans. This time the campaign features a brand-new skirmish and a “hardcore” K-Team Challenge with endgame rewards.


New Workshop System
The old Professions system receives a huge revamp this year. The heart of fire feature a brand -new Workshop system. that slowly but steadily lost viability and appeal over the years. Now all you crafters can rejoice and build up your own Workshop in Protector’s Enclave. Although it is still no deeply immersive “go into the world and build stuff” crafting, it has much more variance and possibilities than the old static Professions.
Class Balance
Class balance has always been a big issue. However, the game developer has made huge improvements on it and promise to make more changes in Module 16. The devs overall tried to make lesser used powers and paths more viable, but also swung the nerf hammer hard on classes that they thought were overperforming. Certain builds of Devoted Clerics are getting the boot as well as the little stabbers known as Trickster Rogues. Other than that, most classes should experience a little more choices for the roles they are trying to fill.
Additionally, other aspects of the game have also receive some tweaks. For example, more economic nerfs, new artifacts, new lootboxes and so on.