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Neverwinter Fangbreaker Island Quest Guide Part Two: How to Tank Hati,Dragon Turtle and Drufi

2019-01-16 09:15:54

Early before, we’ve made up Neverwinter Fangbreaker Island Quest Guide Part one which show you how to get get Everfrost Resistance and Get 3100 Item Level. Then you need to beat three bosses in Fangbreaker Island dungeon. As the third hardest dungeon in the entire game, of course, it is not easy. To help you out, Neverwinter Fangbreaker Island Quest Guide Part Two will show to how to take down three bosses easily.

Fangbreaker Island Boss Fight

How to Tank Hati the Manticore
This is the first boss you’ll be face with. A big tip for this fight will simply be to not fight him close to the edge because he can simply do one of his moves that has a knockback effect and it will hit you off the cliff. The second you fly off the cliff, you are dead.
After the Manticore fight you will advance into a cave complex. Here you will have to protect an NPC while he melts through 2 different walls of ice to advance further into the dungeon. While the NPC is melting the ice walls you will come under attack by trolls for 2 minutes, kill them. so stop being lazy, aggro one of them and kill them. Remember that beware of the trolls since they hit like a truck.
How to Tank the Dragon Turtle
First, remember to get your shield up when it lunges at you, though, or it can potentially kill you in one hit. Worth noting is that you need to stay in front of the Dragon Turtle’s nose; failure to do so will force it to “slam” the battlefield. Slamming the battlefield applies one stack of Rage. Each stack of Rage accumulated causes the Turtle to do more and more damage. So when he's preparing to multi snap by using 'Hull Shredder' you need to move away as far as possible, because if you are close to him while he does it, those 3-4 snaps will take alot of health away or you may even die. As things are, the Turtle will always slam twice after it leaves to spawn Explosive Runes. This means it will have a minimum of six stacks by the time you defeat it. Six stacks are nothing. Even if your party makes a mistake or two, seven or eight stacks is not the end of the world. At ten, eleven, or twelve stacks, though, the Turtle will begin to just kill everything in one hit, so make sure to position yourself in front of it.


How to Tank Drufi, the Herald of Winter
There are two ways you can do this. One is to simply Tank Drufi, get in her face, generate Threat, and let the DPS loadouts do their thing. When she summons those permafrost pillar, you need to be alert and dodge them for starters since she summons it where you will be currently standing. If a party member has got caught in this permafrost, then you need to quickly destroy the pillar that person is stuck in because if you are not fast enough, or you leave that person, they will 100% die. You can buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen at pointssale.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online.
The other, more bizarre, way of Tanking this boss comes when you are in a private queue handling this dungeon. This involves exploitation of the game’s glitch. You activate this glitch by entering the boss fight here, and then immediately killing yourself (unless you are responsible for “glitching” the boss). You read that right, and it’s not a joke; you need to select the “Defeat Me” option the game provides you when you are stuck, and then you need to release. If you have not been tasked with glitching the boss, and are instead asked to simply watch as someone else does it, doing this triggers a bizarre glitch that forces Drufi to stand in one place and do absolutely nothing for the entire fight, allowing the DPS to easily kill her.
Now we are completely warped up with this Fangbreaker Island Quest Guide, hopefully, it could be useful for you in the game.