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NBA 2K19 Winter Madness Event Schedule Is Revealed Now

2018-12-24 09:21:06

To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, 2k Sports is holding a special event, named Winter Madness to give basketball fans the mood. The event features new modes, challenges, alongside holiday themed rewards. the event runs from December 20 th to December 30 th. So, Winter Madness will kick off this Saturday. If you don’t have any plan, then why not enjoy basketball with your fellow communities over this weekend? The developer has just shared an image and give fans a first look at the even schedule during the next week, as you can see in the image below.

Winter Madness Schedule

As you can see in the above image, players can play the event at regional time or global time. So, whether time schedule you play, just don’t miss out. There are wide variety of competitions during the event and millions of VCs for players to earn. Here’s what you’ll play during the event:


Reese’s Puffs Crunch Hour
Just like every Saturday morning from 9am-10am in your region, you can earn double the VC when you run 3v3 in the Park during the Reese’s Puffs Crunch Hour.
2K Compete Hour
The 2K Compete Hour will occur every day during Winter Madness. During each hour, there will be 3 Neighborhood mini games occurring in this order: Capture The Flag, then Dodgeball and always last will be Red Ball/Blue Ball. A new game will begin every 20 minutes within the hour in that same order every time. For more Cheap NBA 2K19 VC, come to pointssale.com, a reliable online in-game currency store.
Mini Game Rules
Games last 10 minutes. Last player alive wins. Prizes are a t-shirt, headphones and 25k VC.
Red Ball/Blue Ball
Players are placed on either red or blue team. Find your team color’s ball and make it in the hoop. First team to make all their balls wins 2,500 VC.
Capture The Flag
Games last 12 minutes. Winning team gets 2,500 VC.
Gold Rush
Gold Rush is played inside Ante-Up. The object is to win as much VC as possible which will be tracked and used to rank you against other players. The top player will win Attribute Boosts and Gold Rush Gear.
Court Conqueror
This version of Court Conqueror will pit you against 6 classic Western Conference squads: Jazz, Rockets, Lakers, Suns, Spurs and SuperSonics. The gameplay difficulty is turned up to HOF. Win a NBA jersey for defeating all 6 squads on their court.
Compete in a variety of different games on glow in the dark courts. There will be six 3v3 courts, two 2v2 courts, and 3 old-school mini games including:
King of the Court
1v1 games with a 1-minute timer and shortened shot clock. Last gamer standing wins.
Dunk Off
Perform highlight-reel dunks to earn the highest score possible.
Hit deep threes from various distances to earn the highest score possible.
Doubles: Open Invitational
Play 2v2 in this open-entry, win-and-move-on tournament. Win all 4 rounds of your tournament bracket to earn 10,000 VC and 10,000 MyPoints.
4v4 Courts
Play 4v4 in the Park.
Ruffles Ridge Challenge
Play 4v4 and earn double MyPoints while draining 4-point shots from deep.
3x3 Pro Courts
Play 3v3 in the Park, open to all.
King of the Court: 2K VIP Invitational
Showcase your 1v1 game in this elimination-style tournament. Last gamer standing wins 10,000 VC and 10,000 MyPoints. Open to 2K VIP Club members with a rating of 93 and above.
Top Dog: 2K Invitational
Play 3v3 in this tournament while earning points throughout each of your squad’s match ups, including a nice bonus for each victory. The gamer with the high score earns 250,000 VC.
5v5 Courts
Play 5v5 in the Park.
Top Crew Tournament
Crews only in this 3v3 tournament. It’s single elimination for the loser while the winning squad receive a score for each victory. The crew with the  highest score earns a Top Crew t-shirt and 250,000 VC.
Protect the House: Crew Invitational
It’s crews only again in this 3v3 tournament. The object is to win as many games in a row as possible. The crew with the the highest score earns a Protect the House jacket and 100,000 VC.
3x3 Pro: Crew Invitational
Grab you crew and compete in 3v3 games to 21 by 1’s and 2’s. There’s no check ball but there are shooting fouls. Win all four rounds to earn a custom event t-shirt, 10,000 VC and 10,000 MyPoints.
Dime Time
Run with your squad and tally up as many assists as possible. If the entire community reaches the assist goal, everyone who contributed one dime will earn 2,500 VC.
Block Party
Run with your squad and record as many blocks as possible. If the entire community reaches the blocks goal, everyone who contributed one swat will earn 2,500 VC.
Dunk Fest
Run with your squad and record as many dunks as possible. If the entire community reaches the dunks goal, everyone who contributed one jam will earn 2,500 VC.
Mini Madness
Shoot and score as many buckets as possible on all of the mini basketball machines scattered throughout The Neighborhood. Your top 3 scores will be used to rank you against the rest of the community. The gamer with the highest score earns 10,000 VC.
House Rules
Spin the wheel before each match up to decide the rules of that game.