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NBA 2K19 MyTeam Economics Guide

2019-04-03 08:47:42

Cash rules everything around us, and NBA 2K19MyTeam has three different forms of currency in the game: VC, MT, and Tokens. Herein we are not going to go in-depth into MyTeam economics here. One could go on for ages about it. Herein we just listed some basic principles and key notes for beginners.


Throughout the year, 2K will regularly drop better and better cards. New players that are better, and better versions of players already in the game. What once was great, will soon be shit. Such is the way of MyTeam.


To get the latest and greatest, you traditionally have needed one of two currencies: VC, for buying packs to hopefully draw great cards, or MT, the MyTeam only in-game currency, to just straight-up buy the new cards on the Auction House (AH). VC is gotten by spending real, IRL money. MT is gotten by selling stuff on the AH for MT, and also from playing MyTeam and gaining more in MT via in-game bonuses and bounties than you spend on Contracts.
VC can also be earned through gameplay in other modes: MyCareer, MyLeague, MyGM, Play Now, and some other modes. You can also buy Cheap NBA 2K19 VC Boosting right from our Pointssale.com.

NBA 2K19 MT Coin

MT can also be earned through gameplay in MyTeam. In every game you play in MyTeam, you will get in-game MT bonuses for every positive statistical thing you do: sink a shot, make an assist, get a steal, grab a rebound, etc. You can earn MT by completing Challenge games. Another effective way to earn MT is to flip cards in the NBA 2K19 Auction House. Because MT is the center of the MyTeam/MT economy, the AH is almost a whole game unto itself. For those who want to build strong teams, but not spend real money , the AH is where you can spend time, instead, to make MT and buy cards. “Buy low, sell high,”basically. At least enough to profit after 2K takes it’s 10% fee out of all sales.

NBA 2K19 Token

In addition, NBA 2K19 introduces a new kind of currency in MyTeam- Tokens. In fact, Tokens were in the game before, but only as single tokens earned each week for completing the Weekly Challenges, which earned you a nice-looking Player Card that you would end up disappointed in a few weeks later, if not immediately.
Now Tokens are kind of an alternate currency which are rewarded for achieving goals in gameplay and also completing and locking in card sets. Tokens can be used in the Rewards market, to purchase Rewards Players Cards. From Emeralds up to Pink Diamonds. You have to redeem for 10 cards of a tier before you can redeem for cards of the next tier. I.e. buy 10 Emerald Reward Players Cards before you can buy any Sapphire ones.


NBA 2K19 MyTeam Contract Economics

In addition, I see a lot of people asking about how to get contract cards, how to afford their lineups, etc, and here’s are basic principles on contract economics.
The first thing you need to know is: when you purchase contracts for your players, do not do so in the lineup screen. For whatever reason, the only way you can purchase contracts in the lineup screen is to buy contracts for every single player in your lineup. Only buy contracts when you go to start your next domination game or challenge or whatever, it will prompt you to buy contracts for players who have zero contracts left. At that time, buy the contracts.
Don’t use contract cards for players emerald and under. It's completely unnecessary, there's no reason you can't afford that MT per game as you make that back easily in every game you play.