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NBA 2K19 MyTeam Drop Pink Diamond Cards For Kobe Bryant And Other Players

2019-02-18 09:05:39

If you're stacking VC in hopes of copping a Pink Diamond card from the MyTeam Auction House, here comes your chance. NBA 2K19 MyTeam just droped new cards for the greatest All-Star players of all-time, including Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. If you don’t have enough VCs in store, don’t worry and come to pointssale.com, where you can buy Cheap NBA 2K19 VC at the cheapest price online. Additionally, the NBA 2K19 MyTeam Unlimited Tournament  with a prize pool of $250,000 is to kick off. During the finale of the tournament, 2K will release a special locker code, which gives fans an opportunity to unlock valuable players in-game within the MyTEAM mode. So, don’t miss out!

Kobe Bryant


NBA 2K19 MyTeam Drop A Pink Diamond Card For Kobe Bryant And Other Players
Kobe Bryant, is undoubtedly one of the greatest baskestball legends over the world, who has achieved 18 All-Star Game appearances and five NBA Championships during his career. In honor of Kobe’ s greatness, NBA 2K19 MyTeam is dropping special Kobe packs, 20th Anniversary Kobe Bryant packs, in the game and a new 97-rated Kobe Pink Diamond card for MyTeam on Thursday, February 14, yes, Valentine’s Day.
In addition, NBA 2K19 MyTeam also drop cards for other elite players. They include a 98 overall Pink Diamond card for Magic Johnson, a 95-rated Diamond for Damian Lillard, a 92-rated Diamond card for Amethyst Robert Horry, and more. All of them are now available in the game’s packs. So , once again, if you wanna add them to your team, come and buy Cheap NBA 2K19 VC at pointssale.com, the cheapest online in-game currency store with fast delivery.
If all of these are not enough for you, during the finale of the $250,000 NBA 2K19 MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament on Thursday night, 2K will release a special locker code. With this locker code, you are able to to unlock valuable players in-game within the MyTEAM mode. However, since the prize will be for this code has not been revealed, there is also the possibility of receiving something much less valuable. Besides, there have been no reward parameters set, and the time of availability is so limited, there is a great chance that you automatically get the desired reward if you input the code in time.


To get this code, you’ll have to watch a live Twitch stream of the NBA 2K 19 Unlimited Tournament. The stream will be active from 8pm-11pm ET. and that's also when the locker code will go live.
After you’ve got the code, go to "Settings" of  "MyTeam" on your main menu, where you will see the "Locker Codes" option. Then select the "Locker Codes" option and input the code you receive. With your attention, you have to input the dashes for the code to work. If it has expired, you will receive an error message. Then head back to the MyTeam menu, highlight the "Pack Market," select the "Prize Packs" option, and you’ll see a card waiting for you.