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NBA 2K19 Defense Guide - Top 5 Defense Tips & Controls for NBA 2K19 Beginner

2019-04-25 08:42:05

Defense is an equally important thing as the attacking in NBA 2K19, correct defensive strategy and controls can help you succeed in the game. Here Pointssale.com brings the top 5 NBA 2K19 defense tips and controls, hope to make you play better.

Defense Guide

Top 5 NBA 2K19 Beginner Defense Tips - How to defend in NBA 2K19?
Read your opponents
A big part of defence is reading the opponent. Some basics are:
Playmakers: Bait them to shoot then contest the shot. Most Playmakers don't have a shooter mentality so they take a moment to realize they should shoot, capitalize on that and make em shoot a lightly contested 3. Last thing u want is for them to pass with dimer
Sharps/Stretch: Stay on them like Glue, never help, always look for them on fast breaks and don't let them get in front of you. If they are zig zagging either reach for the steal or jump as soon as they have a clean shot. Don't reach on passes unless you a lockdown cause if you don't get it he is wide open.
Slashers/Athletics: Sag the fuck off. Let them shoot, even if they make 1 or 2 don't start guarding them at the 3, that's what they want, they want you to come up so they drive right around you.
Shot Creators: They usually go baseline, until he proves he can go either way, guard the baseline heavy. If they have space for an off dribble shot JUMP.
Post Scorers: If you have low strength, it's hard but in general you wanna use the Left Stick to gaurd the Dropstep/Spin most posts abuse (as soon as they do the move hold it towards the direction of the Dropstep/Spin. If they do a fade, you either jump or not depending on the player, you need to figure out if you have someone that does up and under or not. If they do a hop shot your best bet is to jump at the right time
Make a plan
Hold LT when you are in front of them. If they beat you, you have to let go of LT and sprint after them. Try press steal if they show you the ball. If you fail with the steal, don't press it again straight away or that will usually be a foul. Doesn't matter what your steal rating is.

if you are defending someone who is off-ball, watch the person with the ball and you'll see them trying to make a move. once they get stuck, they will pass. just keep positioning so that you will be able to intercept that pass. another way to think about it, watch who has the ball and try and think what looks like a good option for them. if you know that, you have a chance to shut it down.
Make Shooters Drive
let them go the rim or shoot mid range, but do not give them open looks on the perimeter without at least attempting a contest.
Make Drivers Shoot 
Sag, double the big men in the paint and ONLY switch back onto your man when he cuts to the rim. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a teammate get backdoor'd or play tight on a guy you know can blow by which creates havoc for the rest of the defense as people will often collapse.
Best Defenders on Best Offensive Players

Learn to switch, you do not need to defend your own player all game. If you are the best defender and one of your teammates is getting torched whilst you stand in a corner - SWITCH.
Good defense is product of process of good decisions, discipline and patience.Hope you will defend better using these NBA 2K19 defense advice. And if you have any demand of buying NBA 2K19 VC, Pointssale.com here always provides Cheap NBA 2K19 VC Boosting!