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Madden Ultimate Team:Two New Primetime Performers: Matt Ryan and Geno Atkins, Zero Chill OOP MUT Cards

2018-12-29 09:00:48

It’s time to get those Ultimate Team rosters upgraded. On Thursday (Dec. 27), EA unveiled the latest Madden 19 MUT lineup, giving players plenty to aim for this week. This week’s roster features two brand new Primetime Performers as part of the Madden 19 Zero Chill promotion this month. They are the Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan and Cincinnati Bengals’ Geno Atkins. There are also a few new Out of Position Ironmen to look for. Here are further details of players available this week.
Madden 19 Ultimate Team: New Primetime Performers
This week, both Matt Ryan and Geno Atkins are 95-rated MUT player cards for Ultimate Team gamers. You can check their player cars in the article.

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan has joined the increasingly long list of big-name quarterbacks to receive an LTD option in recent weeks, but it’s hard to knock him when looking at the stats. Ryan sports better throw power, throw accuracy deep, play action and throw under pressure than Rodgers, for what figures to be fewer coins as well. Speed is indeed king when it comes to Madden, but this Ryan card could be an under-the-radar sneaky good option for players who like to pass in the pocket, but still want some wheels if it breaks down.

Geno Atkins

As with Geno Atkins, unfortunately for Bengals’theme teams, Atkins’ presumably high price won’t get him anywhere near the top of the meta when it comes to defensive tackle, as Monday’s 95 overall Ghost of Christmas Present Ndamukong Suh should outclass him despite costing around 300,000 fewer coins.
Such trades seven less speed, marginally less pass rushing moves and blockshed for +10 in agility, +five in strength and more importantly, +19 in hit power, all of which have proven to be critical stats for an interior lineman.
Madden 19 Ultimate Team: Zero Chill OOP Players
Meanwhile, as the Zero Chill promotion continues on, they have released several new Out of Position (OOP) Ironmen for gamers to check out. In the tradition of the Ghosts of Madden, they revealed a new Ed Reed as a strong safety and a Kam Chancellor at the middle linebacker spot, who is rated at 96. Ed Reed has completed 1,590 yards and seven touchdowns in his 11 year career life. Kam Chancellor has compiled 12 interceptions for 168 yards in his career and got 434 solo tackles, all of which came as a defensive back.
Aside from Ed Reed and Kam Chancellor, the latest Zero Chill cards join other OOP cards for players including the Bears’ Tarik Cohen, Rams’Ndamukong Suh, and former Raiders great Tim Brown. Gamers can get those cards by buying MUT packs or through the marketplace with in-game currency.  If you haven’t have enough Madden 19 coins in store, come and buy Cheap Madden 19 Points at pointssle.com, a reliable online in-game currency store with cheap price and fast delivery. For more news on Madden 19, stay tuned for poinssale.com.