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Madden NFL 19 Ultimate Team Auction And Trade Tips

2019-04-10 08:53:18

There are plenty of ways of making coins in Madden 19 Ultimate Team. But if you want to take a break from playing or just want to augment your stack, go to the auction house. Making coins in the auction house is easy and reliable. All it requires is a relatively small amount of coins for startup capital and patience.Here are some tips and tricks of maximizing your profits in the auction house.

Madden 19 Auction House Guide

Supply And Demand
Supply is how much of something there is while demand is how many people want it and how much they are willing to pay for it. This is important because it tells how well your snipes/investments will work, for example elites will always be in demand because they are the best.This is also important because it tells about how much profit u should gain out of your investments/snipes.
Use Your Filters
the only way to filter is by newest first. Why you ask? Because some snipes aren't the absolute lowest priced that would show in a search. Say 91 Gronk if someone posts him for 30k the lowest elite>tight end showing would be 86 Jason Whitten for 19.5k so if lowest first was your old way of sniping end it now. You will miss out on more snipes than you will get.
Tax Fee
When buying cards remember to keep the 10% sales tax in mind. So buying an elite for 40k when it sells for 45 or even 50 may not be worth the ROI or return on investment.
About Sniping
The sniping process can be done with as a little as 1k if you know what to purchase and what to pass up on. Everyone has their own way of sniping. Here’s how I usually do sniping- add any lower rated slivers to the high silvers set. I have sold thousands of coins worth of rookie and power up cards by doing this set. We need power up players on the market anyway why not invest 5k-10k in coins. buy the get a player for 500 put the low rated silvers in the set, QS the high silvers and low golds for training and sell the core rookies and power ups. You can sell any power up for a min of 2.5k right now and it will sell.
Make Use of Promo Packs And Bundle Toppers
As far as targets always make sure that you are aware and up to date with the promo packs and bundle toppers. You can use them for coin resource. In order to make coins, you can’t just open one Pro Pack, get a 75 overall gold, and give up. You have to open 10-15 packs in order to get the coins. So let’s use 10 packs as an example. If you open Pro Packs and sell all of the players you get from them, you’ll lose about 500 coins every time. So you lose 5,000 coins in 10 packs. Now if you pull a 30,000 coin elite player on the 11th pack, then it’s like, boom, you’re up 25k. It’s a method I use relatively often.


Refresh Auction House
And likely the most important thought, refresh the AH about every 5 seconds. No less. I know most of you already know this but if you are having trouble with your game hanging up or running sluggish then you need to wait a little longer between refreshing your grid. Get in a rhythm, listen to some Garth Brooks or Rolling Stones, whatever you prefer. That internal timer is important. Quality over quantity.
Now we are wrapped up with this guide. Hopefully, with this guide, you can make multiple coins fast. If you wanna buy Cheap Madden 19 Points, you can also visit Pointssale.com. Comparing to other sellers, we offer much competitive price and faster delivery.