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Madden 19 Ultimate Team: TOTW 16&17, Zero Chill, and Snow Promotion

2019-01-05 09:21:47

This Thursday, EA Sports has revealed their Madden 19 Team of the Week times two! So far, both Madden TOTW 16 and 17 are now officially available on various Madden platforms. Additionally, they unveiled a new limited-time promotion involving Snow accumulation for the Zero Chill event. Keep on reading for further details.

Zero Chill Promotion

Madden 19 Ultimate Team of the Week reveals for TOTW 16, 17
As with exclusive limited time cards, both New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas and Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston are rated at 96, leading the way. In addition, Madden 19 Ultimate Team brings heroes and bosses to the mix. The boss players for Week 16 and 17 are the Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence and Philadelphia Eagles’ Zach Ertz. Each of these gridiron stars brings a 95 overall rating with their TOTW card. For more details, check the video below.


Snow accumulation for the Zero Chill
EA delivered a variety of critical information regarding the conversion rate of “snow,” a currency solely created for Zero Chill program. With snow, gamers can earn and use to exchange for various items. It seems that snow is going to expire and will convert over to Training.
It was first reported on stream that snow would convert 2:1 into training points, with 10 snow yielding five training points. Thankfully for users who have accumulated a plethora of the currency, that was evidently not true as Madden's Community Manager KRAELO corrected the misinformation in a Tweet, revealing five snow actually equals 10 training points. For more Cheap Madden 19 Points, come to pointssale.com, the cheapest online in-game currency store.
That’s hugely important, as the snow market has tanked dramatically in the last couple of days without the influx of new cards, making savvy users who acquired the currency on the cheap primed to profit massively in the form of training points. What’s more, all Zero Chill cards, who previously could only be quicksold for snow, can be quicksold for training points once the program officially ends January 7.
Given a variety of cards have dipped far below their projected training points value as a result of the “snow” currency moniker, the MUT market is expected to swing heavily in favor of the consumer, either in the form of cheap training points, or with a plethora of high-end cards gaining 15 to 20 percent more value than in previous days.
If converting snow into training points or coins isn’t your thing, there will be a limited (per user) offer pertaining to Team of the Week of which you can use snow to acquire.
While EA did not reveal the details of the offer on stream, it seems fair to suggest it’ll be an enticing one, as an influx of cheap training points likely won’t be healthy for a MUT market that has been relatively stable for the first couple months of its inception. It’s expected to drop around the time Team of the Week is released Thursday.
As of Thursday, EA’s Madden Twitter announced a few final offers involving Snow to exchange for a choice of a few different players from the Team of the Week 16 or 17. The Zero Chill Snow promotion allows gamers to purchase a 93 overall hero from either Team of the Week. That includes Week 16’s Calvin Ridley or Jaylon Smith and Week 17’s Josh Allen or Jimmy Smith. Each of these players requires 2,500 Snow to purchase but could help upgrade your Ultimate Team.