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Madden 19 Predicts Super Bowl Winter for Ram

2019-01-31 08:51:51

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, marking one of the biggest events in professional sports. The predictions of the Super Bowl winner have begun.As usual, EA Sports ran their own simulation of the game in its annual football release, Madden NFL 19, using the current rosters and putting both teams on autopilot as CPU to see who would actually come out on top,and to see who will lift the Lombardi Trophy this year.

Super Bowl


Who will become the final winner?
The simulation concluded that the Los Angeles Rams will defeat the New England Patriots. The final result of the simulated game was a 30-27 Rams victory, making them Super Bowl champions.
The Los Angeles Rams are going to gain revenge for Super Bowl XXXVI and beat the Patriots this Sunday. The Rams average margin of victory in their 4 wins was a solid 15 points, while the Patriots was just 9. Despite gaining more yards, converting more 3rd downs and giving up fewer penalties, the Patriots could not contain the potent Rams offense or control LA’ s superior defensive talent. The Rams franchise will lift their second Lombardi Trophy and Sean McVay will become the youngest head coach to ever win a Super Bowl.
Can we rely on this as an accurate prediction?
Of course, we all know that this is a lie. Not only can we not remember the last time the Patriots have blown a two-possession halftime lead, but everyone knows that Tom Brady sold his soul years ago and he didn't trade in his humanity to what we can only assume is one of the demons from Diablo to get embarrassed in the Super Bowl like that. Additionally, if you have followed this site all year, you know that Madden’s simulations don’t always come through. We ran Madden simulations all season and most were nowhere near what reality gave us.
EA has used Madden to predict every Super Bowl game since 2004. As you've also probably figured out, Madden games have been historically hit and miss when it comes to actually predicting the outcomes of big games. One of those misses was just last year, however, when the game showed the Patiots winning against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles ended up winning in an upset, and QB Nick Foles received the MVP award instead of Patriots QB Tom Brady. Other times it was more accurate. It predicted a 27-21 Raiders win in overtime over the Cardinals. They won on a last-second kick in regulation for a 23-21 win. For Cheap Madden 19 Points, come to pointssale.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and fast delivery.


So, will Ram become the final Super Bowl winner? We got a week to find out, but in the meantime, you can enjoy their brief Madden 19 video and either dream of success or curse EA for going against Brady. No matter the result of the actual Super Bowl, if the game is as close as the video game predicts, it will be one of the best Super Bowls to have been played.