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Madden 19 Offer Ultimate Team MUTMAS Welcome Package for New Players

2018-12-27 08:59:07

Christmas is coming,meaning that video game fans are enjoying their brand new consoles along with the included games. For users who play Madden 19 for the first time, EA Sports is offering a sweet gift, the Madden 19 Ultimate Team MUTMAS starter package and a beginner help video for promotion. So, keep on reading for more details.

Welcome Package

Madden 19 Ultimate Team MUTMAS Starter Package

On Christmas Day the EA Sports Madden Twitter announced this exciting news via its official Twitter account. To welcome brand new gamers to Madden 19 MUTMAS , EA shared them with a special package of five player cards they’ll get free for the Ultimate Team mode. For those uninitiated, Ultimate Team mode is the most popular mode of Madden 19. In this special mode, gamers are able to build up their own elite squad of players using special Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) cards they get through packs.
It includes Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz rated at an 89 and New England Patriots’Julian Edelman at 87 overall. There’s also an 87 Jaire Alexander from the Green Bay Packers.
In addition, there are a few 90-plus players in the mix. Gamers receive a 93-rated Justin Houston from the Chiefs and a 91-rated John Randle of the Minnesota Vikings. That’s not a bad batch of player cards to start off your Madden Ultimate Team with for free! Wanna unlock more elite players? Come and buy Cheap Madden 19 Points from pointssale.com, a reliable,cheap and fast online in-game currency store.
Madden 19 Ultimate Team: Beginners help video
Moreover, the EA Madden Twitter also shared a seven-minute special help video for brand new Madden Ultimate Team players. The video features a number of helpful tips or tricks to consider for crafting your squad. You can check out the full video below.


How to upgrade players in Madden 19 Ultimate Team Mode?
There is also the ability to upgrade players in the Madden 19 Ultimate Team mode. To do that, you’ll select which of your players you want to upgrade. Choose the upgrade option, and then spend a number of training points to perform the upgrade.
Before you upgrade a play, you need to prepare enough Training Points. There are two main ways to earn training points. First, to get Training Points in Madden Ultimate Team, go through solo games, challenges, or the training camp games. These are on the solo games playlist. Another easy and fast way to get Training Points is with cards by quickselling those player cards you don’t need. You should do this once you have been developing your team for a bit and are at a point where you don’t need certain cards.
If you’re upgrading a player that is already really good, it’s going to take more points to perform an upgrade, so keep that in mind. However, upgrading players is a valuable part of the game to help you develop a team full of players capable of taking down the best of the best!