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Madden 19 MUT New “Color Smash” Promo Event Guide: Currency, Sets, Objectives, Eggs And More

2019-04-15 08:35:03

After Madden’s Path to the Draft event come to end, another new MUT event called “Color Smash” was revealed as of Tuesday, April 9, which Madden 19 Ultimate Team players plenty of great players to grab in the coming days and weeks. Here are all the latest details on the new Madden 19 Ultimate Team Color Smash event.
To celebrate the launch of a new promo, Madden 19 releases a Welcome Pack for free just for logging in. The new Welcome Pack includes an 85 JJ Watt NAT card along with a MUT tips card. Five overall 97+ items also joined the fray, with another round of “offensive” Color Smash players likely on the way.

Color Smash Promo


Unfortunately, the new promo still requires the use of “picks” as the third currency, meaning players who stacked up on the cheap option in past weeks could wind up profiting handsomely.
Madden 19 Ultimate Team Color Smash Master JJ Watt
JJ Watt is the feature “master” set item for the defensive side of the Color Smash promo,bringing a sweet 99 OVR with his card. He boasts a 98s for Strength and Play Recognition and a 97s for Tackle and Block Shedding, making him one of the most sought after players during the event.
To unlock a JJ Watt, Madden 19 fans have to create a set of four Color Smash defensive player cards. Once that set is assembled, gamers not only get the Watt Masters but also those four player cards back as NATs.
Fans can unlock those Color Smash players or Heros at the store. An 88+ OVR Smash Player goes for 5,200 Picks. A 97 OVR Color Smash Hero is 36,000 Picks.In addition, Color Smash packs and bundles are available for purchasing at the Store. A Color Smash pack costs 1,050 points or 65,000 coins. A 7X Bundle is 5,850 points. The 12X Bundle is 12,000 points and includes a random 97 OVR Color Smash Hero. If you run out of coins, you can come to Pointssale.com where Cheap Madden 19 Points are Provided.


Madden 19 MUT Color Smash Objectives
As part of the event, Color Smash brings more objectives and challenges that have been added to the House Rules: Half Off objective list. These tasks require you to play House Rules:
Complete Color Smash Tasks - earn a random Tier 1 Egg
Score 75 Points in House Rules
200 Rushing Yards in House Rules
5 Rushing TDs in House Rules
50 Rushing Yards in House Rules (1 game)
There is also a unique Color Smash Objective List that does not require you to play House Rules. Completing the items on this list will earn Draft Picks and up to a Tier 2 Egg:
1 Color Smash Elite Set
2 Color Smash Elite Sets
1 Color Smash Hero Set
1,250 Draft Picks
3,500 Draft Picks
6,000 Draft Picks
Much like the Christmas promo which rewarded different “presents”, the eggs, which hatch April 21, all seem to tie in with different overalls, meaning Tier 1 Eggs are of the 88-90 overall, Tier 2 90-92 and so on. Eggs can be collected from completing Objectives, Solos, and Sets. The higher the tier, the better the reward. You can also get eggs from the in-game store. A random Tier 1 Egg is 3,500 points while a random Egg is 8,900 points.