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How To Work The Auction House And Make Easy Money In NBA 2K19

2019-04-09 08:56:42

The first thing everyone should do when playing NBA 2K19 MyTeam is to unlock the Auction House in order to earn better/more cards so that you have an easier time with the other goals. This year, this is especially the case because you have to win two online games and the level of squads you’ll face will only get better and better and you’re unlikely to be able to keep pace without access to the AH. In this article, we will show you how to make big money by sniping players in NBA 2K19 Auction House.

Unlock Auction House

Unlock MyTeam Auction House

To unlock the AH, you need to accomplish the five goals listed in the screenshot above. You don’t have to accomplish them sequentially.

MyTeam AH Sniping Guide

Once you’ve unlock Auction House, so here brings another question: how to work on the Auction house by sniping players and make easy money? Here are some tips and tricks for making a pretty good amount of MT from sniping.
Sniping. Sniping is basically buying cards for lower the market price and flipping them (selling them back) for a higher profit, whether it's a 250MT profit or a 100K+ profit, also taking into account that a 10 percent tax is applied to each item (If you buy something for 2K and sell it back for 2.2K, you're not making profit because you're only getting 2K back)
For starters the market refreshes every 15 mins and the refresh times are the following:

PS4: Start refreshing at 01-04, 16-19, 31-34, 46-49
Xbox: Start refreshing at 07-10, 22-25, 37-40, 52-55
For sniping, you have to be really patient, you might not see any things pop up for a few refreshes, and sometimes the servers may glitch and the refresh times may be later than normal.
And for the filters: You have to experiment with different things. Here are some basic ones that have cards pop up occasionally:
Sapphire Moments 500-1500 (You have to learn the market, some might not be worth buying for this price)
Ruby 500-2000 (Buy mostly anything that pops up, the cheapest Ruby is going for 3K)
Amethyst 500-9000 (Buy anything that pops up, Gobert and Yao are both going for 12K so you can make decent profit)
When you get to 100K, you can basically start sniping anything, as the max buyout is 100K. You should aim to stay at 100K when you've made enough.

Here’s usually how I would do to make money by sniping in Auction House: I like to search by teams and sometimes even by card color and see which cards are not up/rarely up. Players like Deandre Jordan, JJ Redick, Eric Bledsoe are some of the few very rare silver cards that go for more than the average gold card. So just look out for those rare silvers and bronzes that people might really want to complete their collections. Flipping cards is the best way to start. Filter your searches with Color: Silver, Min Buyout: 500, Max Buyout: 1000~3000. Take a quick look at all the cards and if you find an unusual/rare card buy them out and try to sell them for higher. (You can snipe rare silvers like Gordon, Hayward, Shumpert, Lavine, Wiggins)


Hopefully this guide helps some of you out, also don't let anyone discourage you from sniping. If you wanna buy Cheap NBA 2K19 VC, you can also visit our Pointssale.com. So hopefully you guys can get some good snipes and accumulate more MT! Good luck!