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How To Unlock A Pink Diamond Bill Walton, And Dwyane Wade Signature Series Cards in NBA 2K19?

2019-02-25 08:59:51

Recently, new high rated cards are flowing into NBA 2K19 MyTeam at an unprecented speed. With new unlocker codes being constantly released out, users can get a bunch of excellent player for free to beef up their ultimate team. Moreover, NBA 2K 19 just announced new Dwyane Wade Signature Series Cards for this Miami basketball All-Star to honor his legendary career. In addition, Bill Walton also joins the NBA 2K19’S newest Throwback Card Drop for MyTeam and becomes one of the users prized card. Moreover, a new challenges, named “Ruin The Game” Challenge offers users a new way to earn multiple VCs. After all I’ve told, I bet you can’t wait for one more minute to get them, right? Well, here’s all you should to net all those players.

Dwyane Wade Signature Series Cards


How to Unlock Dwyane Wade Signature Series Cards in NBA 2K19 MyTeam?
Dwyane Wade lead him club in scoring and finishes his final All-Star Game this past Sunday for Team LeBron. In honor of his impressive career, on February 22 th, NBA 2K19 MyTeam drops four brand new cards for “D-Wade”, with different overall ratings scores. There are a Ruby (89), Diamond (92), Amethyst (95), and Pink Diamond (97) cards. Since those new cards are part of the Signature Series, there’s also a a Pink Diamond Signature Limited (97) card.
Users can get Signature Series packs by buying them from MyTEeam ares with NBA 2K19 VCs or MyTeam points. At the moment, they are available for 7,500 VC or 10,500 MyTeam points. So, if  you check you bank account in the game and find you lack of enough VCs, don’t worry and come to pointssale.com for Cheap NBA 2K19 VC. Compared with other in-game coin seller, our price are definitely much cheaper and safer.


How To Unlock A Pink Diamond Bill Walton In NBA 2K19 MyTeam?

Aside from Dwyane Wade, Bill Walton is another most prized card in the NBA 2K19’S newest Throwback Card Drop, which boasts 95-rated standing dunk and are definitely worth your buying.

The Walton card was placed on Triple Threat Online prize boards until 6 pm PT on Thursday. Have you got it with luck? If not, don’t be sad and you may get it by buying them with MyTeam Points or VCs form Auction House. Lack of VCs, come to pointssale.com for a shot at a pink diamond Bill Walton.
Last, here comes your chance for making multiple MyTeam points. Recently, there is a new MyTeam Steph Curry Under Armour 'Ruin The Game' Challenge in NBA 2K19 MyTeam. You’ll take your own squad against a team including a Pink Diamond Steph Curry's and receive 12,000 MyTeam Points as a reward once you’ve completed. So, have you tried yet? If not, give a shot and test you skills now!