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How to Successfully Intercept A Pass in FIFA 19

2019-05-09 08:40:36

Many FIFA 19 players find it hard to successfully intercept a pass or apply pressure to the opponents. So, how to intercept a pass successfully? In addition, some players don’t know how to set interception settings either. Should you put everyone on conservative or aggressive? How do you decide what to put your players on? In this guide, we’ll covers answers to all those question.


Interception Settings 
Aggressive interceptions can be useful on fullbacks but only if they have at least close to 90 stamina. Another scenario is when you have a substitution pattern where you always sub in a midfielder for your starting player in that position. Then you could let the CDM or CM loose and bench him after 70 minutes when his stamina gets too low.
Normal interceptions are the way to go with most of your players. It doesn't drain stamina too fast while still maintaining a high enough incentive to try and intercept balls.
Conservative interceptions should be used on players that have stamina below a certain threshold if you don't plan on subbing them. Numbers where using the conservative interceptions is smart are roughly the following: Below 70 on strikers and narrow CAMs, Below 75 on midfielders and wide CAMs, below 80 on midfielders with H/H workrates, below 80 on fullbacks.
Conservative is fine for attacking players. The game doesn’t seem to track stamina based on what a player actually does on the field, except for the player you are actually controlling. The rest of the time it seems to fake it and attacking players who are not even involved in play will drain stamina faster for no reason if they are on a more aggressive interception setting.
Conservative interceptions on defenders is a bit tricky because it will hurt against through-balls and quick 1-2s - I wouldn't give the instruction to a CB, even if his stamina was below 60.
Be aware that one of the three "pressure" custom tactics will highly coincide with the stamina drain throughout the game. So be extra careful if you play "constant pressure" for example.


How to Successfully Intercept A Pass?
There's a few different factors which determine how close to the ball you need to be to actually intercept the pass and also what buttons to hold.
1. Holding L2 to Jockey opens your players body up and gives you further reach therefore increasing the likelihood that the pass will be intercepted.
2. Using tall or short players, Vieira is going to intercept at a further distance than Kante regardless of interceptions stat.
3. Consistency of interceptions I believe is determined by the interceptions stat.
To increase your chance of getting the ball I'd look to hold L2 if you're trying to block a passing lane. If you're looking to be aggressive I find a full powered O seems to be the best method of closing down a player and getting in there face for a block.
Even if you are in the passing lane, players with a good passing stat will just pass around you. I've found that in order to guarantee an interception, you must not only be in the passing lane and ideally jockeying, but also be positioned significantly closer to the receiver of the ball rather than the passer. Your player not only has more time to run to the pass, but also limits the amount of space to his side that the passer can pass to and the receiver runs to.

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