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How To Shoot Like A Pro In NBA 2K19

2019-03-06 08:50:47

In NBA 2K19, the shooting system has undergone a huge overhaul and introduces a new “shooting meter” mechanic, which makes shooting more random instead of making it more difficult. You can now get a "broken" perfect release and in online games in the park and pro-am, which is horrible. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll be presenting you how to improve shooting in NBA 2K19.

shoot meter


The Shooting Meter Mechanic in NBA 2K19
With the new aiming technique in NBA 2K19, there should now be two parameters that determine whether you miss or hit the shot. A timing bar and an aiming bar. However,if you’ve tried the new shooting mechanic for some time, you would noticed that the shot meter lies a little bit in 2K19, especially in online modes. A full bar is actually a little bit late as it is toward the end/past the green window.  The make percentages drop drastically outside/at the edges of the window.  You really want a small sliver of space at the end of your meter. We have found that the meter under your feet is a little more accurate than the meter by your head. To rank up higher in MyTeam, unlock more powerful players with Cheap NBA 2K19 VC from pointssale.com. As a top online in-game currency store, we provide both cheapest price and reliable service. So, have a try!
Therefore, herein I recommend that it’s better for users to get used to the animations/building muscle memory and ignoring the meter if possible. Some releases have better “visual cues”on when to release than others.


Advanced Shooting Tips
Now we are talking about some shooting experience you may wanna refer to to increase your score chance, especially for noobs.
Overlook The Shot Meter
First, don't look at the shot meter. Like I’ve mentioned above, it is not accurate. Maybe it's just me but it doesn't feel like the bar is accurate unless it's a green release. Wait till your guy is at the top of his jump to release the shot.
Practice makes perfect. In the team practice, the assistant coaches stand by the baskets getting your rebounds and once all your teammates clear out it makes for some very efficient jump shot training. No more wasting time chasing down your own rebounds!
Timing is the most important game mechanic in determining shot success. (shot IQ being a big mental factor) You have to get as close to the middle of the green window as possible.  I would pick a shot where the timing feels comfortable to you and practice it. It will take some time to get used to the shot.  You can’t just equip one, go 2/7 in a game and determine the shot is bad.  You have to build the muscle memory and then your percentages will go up.
The Pick And Roll
The pick and roll is the best way to get yourself open for a jumper. If you are a guard you wanna be the ball handler and pull up if when disrespect you by going under the screen. As a forward/big just set the screen and pop out to the 3pt line. Easy money.
Now we are wrapped with this NBA 2K19 shooting guide. Hopefully, it can increase your scoring chance in 2K19. For more news on NBA 2K19, stay tuned to pointssale.com.