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How to Power Up Your Players in Madden 19

2019-01-22 09:00:46

There are lots of cards that you can buy chems for, and there are also designated Power Up cards as well as Legends. There will be plenty of cards to power up- they won't be rare. Additionally, there are ways to power up those cards. They include the use of training points to upgrade from tier to tier and boost the ratings. However, it will get to a point where training points won’t be enough. That’s where knowing how to use a Power-Up Pass in Madden 19 comes into play.

Power Up Pass


Madden 19 Power Up Details
There are several ways to obtain power up cards in Madden 19. They are available in programs, set rewards, and specific objective lists. As you upgrade your cards, some levels in the upgrade ladder may require a card, and there may be at times the option to put in the requisite card or pay in training points. Wanna power up your players? Come and buy Cheap Madden 19 Points at pointssale.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price with fast delivery.
There are upgrade passes which will take you straight to a certain point in the ladder, like an 80 OVR, for instance. These passes are available through your MUT level (the initial cap is 50). EA is still tweaking how many passes you’ll get via MUT level. These passes may show up in other places, and they won’t be in the marketplace.
Many users wrongly think that once a power up card reaches its highest point, it will not be NAT.  Once you start powering up cards they are NAT and stay that way until you downgrade them back to the their starting level, at which time they are Non-NAT again.
Cards can be stripped of their training. One tier I saw gave me back 50 percent of the training points I had put in to initially unlock it. I don't know if different tiers give back different amounts of training.


How to Use A Power Up Pass In Madden 19

First, you need to head to your binder within the Madden Ultimate Team screens, then choose the specific player you want to boost. That player needs to be one of the player cards labeled as a “Power Up.” Select the player, and make sure you have a good bit of training points available because you’ll need them unless your player is upgraded to their last tier.
In Madden 19, a player has seven total tiers plus Scheme Chemistry and Physical Chemistry slots to upgrade. So, after you select your Power Up player, you want to upgrade the player through each of the “Tier levels” needed on their Upgrade Path. That will cost training points as you upgrade your player on each tier, and the training points needed for each Tier varies.
So, you can upgrade your player to the final level, which is Tier 7. At this Tier, it won’t ask for training points when you choose it. Instead, it says a special “Player Item” is required. That special item is your Power Up Pass.
Choose “Select from Item Binder.” You’ll choose to apply your Power-Up Pass now. This is going to boost your player to an 83 overall in the example here. Now your player has moved up the ranks and can contribute more to the squad.