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How to Play A Good Defense in Madden 19

2018-12-03 09:15:18

There is an old saying says that the best offense is a good defense. Of course, the saying is not actually correct. However, it indicates how important to play a good defense on the pitch. So if you want to get the upper hand in all modes of Madden 19, a good defence is what you should mater at first. However, defense is arguably the more difficult side of the ball and needs more than enough practice. Herein we put together some essential defensive techniques which apply to any court to stop your opponent from scoring on the match. So keep on reading.

Madden 19 Defense Guide

Before every play, you're given a chance to see the personnel your opponent is coming out in to exactly how many wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends that'll line up. This information can help you determine what sort of defense to call. You should match two receivers with a base 4-3 or 3-4 formation. If they dole out three receivers, come out in nickel. Four wide receivers can be met with nickel, dollar, or dime defense. And for five receivers, you'll want to use a quarters formation. Besides, you should have a basic idea of what these formations are typically used for if you went through the Skills Trainer, but the main thing to know is that they'll have enough defensive backs to cover the number of receivers your opponent has on the field. By the way, for Cheap Madden 19 Points, come to pointssale.com, a cheap, reliable online in-game currency store.


To increase the rate of success, you should also know some best defensive formations. Madden 19 introduced a new defensive formation called Big Nickle. This formation has given defensive backs instead of the usual four, with the extra one carrying out the job of both the linebacker and the cornerback.
Since you have an idea of what defensive formation you are going to apply on the match. It’s time to know some specific useful defensive controls on the pitch. Whenever you’re trying to intercept the ball, press the B/Circle button to switch to a teammate or a defender that’s near the opponent who has the ball. You can choose to intercept the ball while in the air as well by pressing the Y or Triangle button for a high catch in the year, or the safer swat interception option with A/X button.
Tackles can be made when close to a player and pressing the X or Square button. If you really want to bring down the player completely, flick the right stick in the direction of the opponent to do so. This is usually a hard tackle. Avoid getting stopped by players on the opponent’s side; simply press the corresponding buttons that appear on the screen. Even when you’ve got the ball via an interception, it’s best to first have some control over it otherwise you risk of fumbling it and thus handing possession back to the opposition.
When the ball is in the air and you need to make a play, don't switch to the closest defender right away. You're liable to mess up his pursuit and give the receiver wide-open range to make a play. Let the pursuing defender run until the point just before the ball is coming down, and then go for the swat or pick.