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How to Make Coins Fast from Auction House on NHL19

2018-12-19 09:20:00

If you want win more matches in all the game modes in NHL19, you must have enough coins to pull off a unstoppable team with excellent players. There are three main ways to make coins. In NHL 19. they include playing online games, playing challenges, and working the market on the auction house. If you don’t want to make coins quickly instead of tedious grinding by completing endless challenges, then this guide is exactly what you need now, in this guide, we will show you some useful techniques to earn coins quickly and easily from Auction House on NHL 19. So, keep on reading.

Auction House

Buying low and selling high is the key of Working the Market”
When comes to working on market, gamers always find it confusing.  To put it simply, it is all about buying cards of any kind at lower price and reselling cards higher than what you paid. A common term for this is “flipping” cards. By doing this, you’ll earn many coins and help to make your team better.
How to Flip Cards?
Then here comes another question: how to flip cards? Well, it is always easier to say than to do. To flip cards successfully and earn coins from it, first, you need to keep prices of cards and keep track of price changes in mind. For example look for players under 20,000 coins, you see a Klingberg for 17,000. You see he sells for about 24,000. That’s 7,000 profit. But you’ll lose some coins due to the 5% tax. The tax can be calculated by multiplying the price of the item that you sell by 0.05. For example, You buy an item for 10,000, then sell it for 12,000. That’s 11,600 after taxes and 1,600 profit. If you lack coins to invest in market, why not come to our website: pointssale.com, a professional online in-game currency store. You can buy Cheap NHL 19 Points at the cheapest price online and we promise a fast delivery for you.


Some Other Tips Worth Your Attention
When playing the market, you need to be fast. Remember if you see a player that’s a good price and you think you can flip it, you must do it immediately, otherwise, you’ll miss some cards. There are so many people are trying to buy them. Keep track of the cheapest prices of cards, because you don’t want to lose coins. If the player isn’t 1,000 coins or cheaper. Don’t buy it.
Since there are too many players and sometimes you get confused about them, so it it better that you keep track of a list of players. These can include any players that sell for very little coins or are really hard to flip.
The final tip is to be patient. Player card price changes ll the time. When you sell your card go to the first page in HUT, click on “My Collection”. Then locate you card you bought, or if you bought many Press (Y) on Xbox, or (Triangle) on PS4, and search your collection. Take a picture then search wherever those cards may be. Post your cards under the current cheapest. If you notice the price has dropped below what you paid. Don’t panic. Prices fluctuate all the time and more than likely they will go up. So be patient.