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How to Kick A Field Goal in Madden 19?

2019-04-23 08:41:59

Field Goal is one of the most often used kick control when you scored a touchdown and need the PAT, or your team is within scoring range and can’t find the end zone. So, how to kick a field goal successfully? Keep on reading.

Field Control Guide

Once your kicking team is on the field, use the left analog stick on your controller to move the on-screen meter. As you move the stick left or right you’ll see the meter move accordingly with the field goal posts in the distance. Wait until the controller stop vibrating and it is lined up between the uprights. Pull down on the Left analog stick to hold.
Next, press the X button (PS4) or A (Xbox One) once. Watch the curved on-screen meter. You’ll need to hit the X/A near the top of that meter for the kick’s power.
Once the indicator falls down between the darker area at the bottom, press X/A again. You should see corresponding Xs on that meter to help you out. If you do everything right, the ball is snapped and you’ll kick it high, far, and through the uprights in the distance.
So, how to kick longer field goals on the court?
Many players found that even if they get 100% kick power and accuracy with the arc lined up for the uprights but their kicks keep dropping short and finally end up giving the other team a short field. Here are some strategies for you:

Lower your trajectory for further kicks and less wind interference.
Hold your joystick down for a longer field goal. Ball will go less high but further.
Have a kicker with high kick power, hit the "kick-meter" at the top, and (most importantly) Remember to bring the kicking arch as low as possible. By kicking it straight instead of up in the air, you can kick it longer.
You should be able to hit that distance with the tips these guys gave and the super cheap 94 mason Crosby. At this point you kicker and punter should at least have 97 kick power, no excuses.
Make sure to pull the stick down when aiming kicks. This gives it a longer and shorter trajectory.


In addition, here's a video giving you some tips on how to kick the long field goals plus letting you know which kickers to get. The kicking prices are crazy right now and the majority of the gold kickers can't even kick these field goals but their prices are still over 10k. Some people say they have made these kicks with Wil Lutz but I am guessing you would need the perfect wind and the perfect kick to make these kicks with his 76 kick power. Lutz also is not really budget since he is 28k himself. My advice, pay up a bit more and get Janikowski at around 40k since his kick power is 82 and you don't have to worry about wind and if your kicker will have enough leg to make the kick. Hope this helps. If you don't have enough time play Madden 19 to earn Madden 19 points, you can come to Pointssale.com for Cheap Madden 19 Ponts.