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How to Join and Create A Guild in Neverwinter

2019-01-23 09:29:44

By joining a guild in Neverwinte, players will gain access to a vast Stronghold area, new quests, items, and Achievements. Is this article, we’ll be showing you how beneficial it is to join a guild, how to create a guild of your own, and how to join a guild! So, just keep on reading for more details.

Neverwinter Guild

Why should you join a guild?
There are a lot of benefits of joining a guild in Neverwinter. First, you’ll be able to get access to an entirely new area: the guild Stronghold, which is a massive multilevel castle filled with NPCs to interact with. The Steward and his team will assign quests to guild members and perform other useful functions. These include Stronghold team quests, daily quests, and hourly quests for the members of your guild.
Besides expanding the Stronghold with your team members will produce resources and provide other benefits like permanent stat boosts, but these structures don't come free. Everyone needs to donate resources like money, gems, and treasures to the Guild Coffer – managed by a friendly Mimic towards the rear of the Stronghold. Once the guild acquires enough resources, officers can purchase upgrades and new structures that will benefit everyone.


How to join a guild?
To join ab guild, you need to ask a member of the guild with invite privileges to invite you. Your character needs to be the minimum level set by the guild in order to accept the invite. It will appear as a notification at the top of the screen when it arrives or the next time you log in. Press the appropriate button to accept or reject the invite. Wanna level up higher to join your favorite guild? Come and buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen at pointssale.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online with fast delivery.
How to create a guild?
Creating and maintaining a guild is a big task that endures over months. You should absolutely wait til level 70 and then go sure you still like the endgame content enough to spend a long time playing. If you then still plan on creating a guild, here’s how to create a guild:
Creating a guild takes five players of level 15 or higher to gather in a single group. Up to level 15 isn’t hard in Arcane Legends, and you should be able to reach the level requirement within six hours or so. Once you have such a team gathered, everyone needs to switch to the same Instance. The group leader must then visit the Guild Registrar in Protector's Enclave (the starting city) and ask to start the guild. Additionally, here are some points people watch out for when they look for a guild:
1. People in similar timezones/times online
2. Friendly atmosphere
3. Players with knowledge/decent gear: a guild is always a place where you seek for advise and help. Also if your guild seems too weak for some endgame content like T2 chances are players will decide in favor of another guild.
4. Stronghold progression: mod 7, guild stronghold, boon structures, marketplace etc: Players tend to go for an already established guild that has at least some buildings finishes or the membercount/activity to complete it.
Overall I would say that you look to join a guild rather to create one. At the moment most guilds should be recruiting and lowering their requirements because of the new module. They struggle to create a guild and get it to a decent member count/maintaining that heavily outweighs the upsides of being a guild leader/founder.