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How To Earn Multiple Tokens To Unlock A Galaxy Opal Player Card In NBA 2K19

2019-03-08 08:50:30

Tokens are a much-needed third form of in-game currency, except for VC and MT in NBA 2K19.  It is introduced to NBA 2K19 MyTeam for the first time this year. Players can earn Reward Tokens from most of the modes in NBA 2K19 MyTeam. Domination, triple threat offline, completing sets ,collector rewards etc. With tokens, you can go to the Reward Market, where you can you can trade in your tokens for an Emerald player.


In NBA 2K19, you start at the lowest tier card ( emerald I believe) and you have to unlock ten cards of each tier to open the next one. So you have to redeem ten emerald reward players to open the sapphire reward players. Then once you redeem ten sapphire rewards the ruby reward players become available etc. For example, to redeem Galaxy Opal Wilt Chamberlain, you need a total of 2,610 tokens. You can also unlock a Galaxy Opal Wilt Chamberlain with Cheap NBA 2K19 VC from pointssale.com, the cheapest online in-game currency store. This is done by obtaining the minimum amount of tier reward cards required to unlock the next tier. Here's the exact amount of tokens needed for each tier:
Emerald-30 tokens
Sapphire-60 tokens
Ruby-120 tokens
Amethyst-300 tokens
Diamond-600 tokens
Pink Diamond-750 tokens
Galaxy Opal-750 tokens
How To Earn As Many Tokens As Possible?
Do Domination
This is the best way to earn tokens. For completing regular domination, you will get 58 tokens. Fantasy domination will get you another 103 tokens and finally, all-time domination will reward you with 178 tokens. Besides, completing domination also rewards you with reward packs consisting of Jerseys, Team Basketballs, Arenas, Team Logos. Just by locking these reward cards, you will earn an additional 80 tokens!
Do Triple-Threat Offline And Online
by completing Triple-Threat offline (5 tokens for each division) and there are 7 division in total in Triple-Threat offline. So, this brings the total number of our tokens to 33. You can also earn lots of tokens by playing triple threat online, where you can make make a lot of MT per hour by using the way as shown in the video below. You can use that MT to complete more sets. Let’s say you decide to do 4 more teams, 80 more tokens
Complete Sets
In addition, you can also grind tokens through MyTeam Unlimited (15), Schedule Challenges (3), Weekly Challenge (3). if you are able to go 12-0 for MyTeam unlimited, complete the weekly challenge , one team schedule and defeat 5 divisions in triple-threat in a week, then you can earn 36 tokens per week.


Collect Cards
One last method on the list is to farm tokens by collecting cards. Reaching 1000 cards collected can give you 250 tokens. Wondering how to collect such many cards fast and easily? You may wanna refer to the method used by a Youtube, Smoohv. He will show you how he got to 1000 cards while he spent $300 on packs + 100k VC from pre-order bonus. You can check the method in the video above.

That is all we know about how to get multiple tokens in NBA 2K19. Hopefully, with this guide, you can earn multiple tokens and unlock more Galaxy Opal tier players to beef up your team.