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How To Dunk The Ball Like A Pro in NBA 2K 19

2019-02-14 08:45:53

Dunking in NBA 2K19 is not as easy as it sounds, and there are numerous types of dunks in NBA 2K19 and each of them require different inputs on the controller. Your best chance to get a dunk in NBA 2K19 is to have a player with a high stats for the move. However, dunking in NBA 2K19 can be pretty common place once you know what you need to do. To do different types of dunks in NBA 2K19, the most important thing you should keep in mind is that you need to have a player with a high stats for the move and then drive towards the basket. Sounds pretty easy right? Herein we’ll show you how to dunk the ball like a pro in NBA 2K19. So, just keep on reading.

Dunking Guide


There are at least three kinds of basic dunk in NBA 2K19, and each requires you to sprint towards the basket by pressing R2 on the PS4 or RT on Xbox One. If you earn enough VC, you’ll eventually be able to expand your Dunk Package in the MyPLAYER Lab. If you don’t have enough VCs, don’t worry. Come to pointssale.com for Cheap NBA 2K19 VC. Not only can you enjoy the cheapest price online, but also you are provided with fast delivery. You can see how to pull each dunk off in the game’s controller settings, but hey, you’re already here, so let us lay them out for you.
Two-Hand Dunk:  Press R2 (PS4) or RT (Xbox One) to sprint towards the basket and move the right thumbstick up. Hold right thumbstick up as you drive to the basket for the two-handed jam.
Flashy Dunk: Press R2 (PS4) or RT (Xbox One) to sprint towards the basket. Move the right thumbstick down and hold it there as you drive to make a flashy dunk.
Dominant or Off-Hand Dunk: Press R2 (PS4) on PS4 or RT (Xbox One) to sprint towards the basket. Move the right thumbstick either to the right or left and hold there. This will control which hand your player uses to dunk the ball.
A lot of things come into play when trying to dunk in NBA 2K19. You have player stamina to deal with, as well as whether a player has the given attributes to do a dunk and whether the player has a path to the basket as well.


Further Tips for dunking in NBA 2K19
The key to pulling off a glass-shattering dunk is to drive towards the basket. That’s why the instructions above all include the direction to 'move' and to only attempt a dunk while sprinting. You’ll need to be in motion—and have a mostly clear path through the paint—to pull off the defining basketball play. Attempt to dunk too early, or while the key is too congested, and your player will attempt a regular shot and the cursed 'Shot Meter' will appear. But if you time your dunk correctly, you’ll get some serious air.
Or, in the case of these actual in-game photos, you will send your opponents into a reality-shifting vortex that mangles their actual physical composition.
Now we are wrapped up with this dunking guide. Hopefully, it would be helpful for you. For more on NBA 2K19, stay tuned for pointssale.com, a top online in-game currency online store.