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Get Your Shot at A New Chinese New Year Pack, A Kobe Bryant 20th Anniversary Pack, and All-Star Moments Cards Now and How Should You Redeem Your Locker Codes

2019-02-21 08:44:32

Wanna add some decent players for free to your team and beef up your lineups? With locker codes, you are able to unlock more packs, players without spending a penny. NBA 2K 19 release locker codes occasionally. Fortunately, here comes your chance. Recently, NBA 2K19 release locker codes at a blistering pace. So far, NBA 2K19 has released locker codes for Chinese New Year Pack, Kobe Bryant 20th Anniversary Pack, and All-Star Moments Cards. To save you time, in this article, we’ll be present you each locker code for each pack and how to redeem your locker codes in the game.

New Chinese New Year Pack


NBA 2K 19 Locker Codes for Kobe Bryant 20th Anniversary Pack, Chinese New Year Pack, And All-Star Moments Cards
There was a NBA 2K19 MyTeam Unlimited Tournament Final on last Thursday night. During the finale of the tournament, NBA 2K19 released the locker code: KAT32, which promised a chance to receive a Kobe Bryant 20th Anniversary pack including the 97-rated Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant. The locker code is only effective for a limited time. There are at least three highly valued cards available in the pack. Hopefully, you’ve got a Kobe Bryant. If not? Don’t worry, you can get other elite players this weekend with new released locker code.
Just a couple of days ago, NBA 2K 19 has announced that a new locker code which promise a chance to a special Chinese New Year Pack will come very soon. This Chinese New Year Pack include a 96-rated Pink Diamond Yao Ming, a 96-rated Pink Diamond Stephon Marbury, a 95-rated Tracy McGrady, a 97-rated “Linsanity” Jeremy Lin and other players, as you can see in the image above. As a Chinese NBA 2K19 fan, it is very exciting for me to see Chinese excellent in one of the most popular basketball game. The locker code is now available and only lasts for one week, which means that it will expire on 23 th February. So, if you haven’t redeem the locker code yet, size your chance and don’t miss out!
If all of these are still not enough for you, here’s another chance to unlock elite players over this weekend. 2K has just released a new locker code giving fans another shot for All-Star Moments cards that were generated from Friday to Sunday. Many All-Star Moments card are worth your attention. For example, a 96-overall Pink Diamond Kevin Durant. With your attention, the locker code is only available for one week. So, once again, don’t miss out! If you wanna inverst more players to make more coins, come and buy Cheap NBA 2K19 VC at pointssale.com, the cheapest online in-game currency store.


How To Redeem Your Locker Codes in NBA 2K19?
To find the locker code for the above mentioned packs, go and check NBA 2K19 MyTeam Twitter account. Once you get a locker code, tap the  “Settings” on the  MyTEAM area on your console, where you’ll see “Locker Codes”. Select that option and you’ll get a pop-up box. Enter a valid NBA 2K19 MyTeam locker code and then select “Done”. after all done, check your Pack Market area, and you’ll see cards waiting for you! So, wish you luck!