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FIFA 19 Weekend League Guide: How To Improve Your Weekend League Rank And Get The Best Rewards

2019-03-19 08:39:30

FIFA 19 Weekend League is a pretty competitive mode in FIFA 19, where you can compete for the best rewards available in the game. FUT Champions Weekend League brings players into a weekend tournament in which they can earn extremely high rewards.However, FIFA 19 Weekend League can be pretty challenging. To help you out, in this article, we’ll detail how to rank up higher in FIFA 19 Weekend League and guarantee the best rewards when you playing it.

FIFA 19 Weekend League

How To Qualify For FUT Champions Weekend League?
First, you can play Weekend League by playing Division Rivals and earn the FUT Champions Points needed to pay the entry fee for the FUT Champions Weekend League. Once you’ve got 2000 Champions Points, you are able to enter the weekend league.
You’ll also earn Champions Points for playing the Weekend League itself, essentially allowing you to qualify (more on that later). Players with at least 11 wins during the Weekend League will receive is 2,000 FUT Champions Points - enough to qualify for another Weekend League.


How To Improve Your Weekend League Rank And Get The Best Rewards?
Kits And Game Selections
Your kits can help you get a better weekend league result , they do one very important thing and that is scare off pros . We’ve all played a pro and been slapped up before and we’ve all wished we could avoid them , there is a very simple way to do this and that is to wear kits that are common amongst pros . For example wearing two schalke kits will have opponents thinking you are S04 Tim Latka , the schalke pro playe . This along with only playing home games (another trick pros use to avoid each other) will scare away many pros and top tier players . Obviously then you should avoid these certain kits as well . Do a bit of research on what the pros in your region wear and try to avoid them.
Team And Tactics
Use what works for you , just because a pro says certain players and tactics are not viable in the weekend league does not make it illegal to use. Get to know your play style and formation, practise playing the style you want to perfect it. Same with custom tactics , if what works for you works don’t change it . Now this is not to say use an mls team with the back arse of Saudi Arabia hybridized into it , meta is meta for a reason and pros are pros for a reason , take what they suggest very seriously and don’t be afraid to experiment .
Players with good passing stats are your best friend. You can unlock more better players with Cheap FIFA 19 Coins from Pointssale.com, the cheapest online in-game currency store. Having reliable midfielders who can pass is critical. Controlling the middle and mitigating wasted possession is key especially against solid players. Losing the ball in transition makes you the most vulnerable you can be because your players have a gap between when you lose the ball and when they react to it. A good player can get it and be in on goal before most of your players realize.
Don’t carry your losses, it is normal. If you are losing, do not quit. I cannot tell you how many 0-3 down games I have flipped on it’s head by just digging in and focusing. This year it is very, very, very possible that you can come back. Often times you will.