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FIFA 19 Web App - Tips to Help You Make A Profit

2019-05-18 08:43:10

FIFA 19 Web App provides FIFA 19 FUT players a more feasible and convenient way to make as many FIFA coins as possible. To help you make a decent amount of money and pull up a strong team, below Pointssale.com has listed top 5 advice you should follow on FIFA 19 Web App:


Tip 1:Open Packs on Web App and Never Open Expensive Packs with FIFA 19 Coins during Webstart
First, if you’re going to open packs, open them on Web App. However,in terms of maximizing your time, you’re best served opening your packs and selling your packed items on the Web App. Secondly, never open expensive packs with FIFA 19 coins at beginning, because it will drain your FIFA 19 coins. Save the money, stick to the trading. As you accumulate more coins, you can use coins to buy big name players to your team with much cheaper price. If you have purchased or transferred FIFA Coins, then it can actually help to kick off your trading when opening packs with  Coins. Coins are the real value early on, and Cheap FIFA 19 Coins are on sale on Pointssale.com.
Tip 2: Try 59 th Minute Method
This is one of the most popular trade method used by FIFA 19 players. In order to make a big money from it, you'll have to be in the right place at the right time. Here’s how you gonna do it: focus on players high value leagues (Premier League, La Liga, 'Calcio A', etc…). Develop specific price filters by researching the player's current market price. Snap up the bargain buy now items rapidly. 1 hour is the most popular listing cycle and therefore where most bargains are found. The strategy will work best when used at popular times for packs, such as right after school (3-6 p.m.) in the UK and North America.
Tips 3: League SBC Flipping
At the beginning of the game, most players are lack of money. So, how to get players for free?  Well, do the SBCs! These could be as easy as putting one player into a team to get a reward. They also give you an excellent chance to open packs without really spending anything on them. In addition, you can make coins from flipping those SBC players. The key to successfully flipping League SBC cards is identifying a card’s usual market value, and looking to pick that same card for cheaper than what it would usually sell for on the FUT market.
Tip 4: Bronze Pack Players
Duplicate bronze players(check the prices in the beginning, after a while you will know which players sell and which don’t). At the moment in general speaking bronze players from The top five, Argentina Super Liga, EFL Championship and Hellas Liga leagues are worth more than 150/200. All other leagues just list for 150/200 unless it is a shiny they tend to go for a bit more but you have to figure it out yourself. In addition, try to relist every hour. This is the most important part of the method. Relist and open bronze packs until you have no space on your transfer list. Duplicate players from leagues that are in low demand: China, Chili, Scandinavia etc sell around 10% of the time.
Tip 5: Invest in Marquee Matchups
Stack cards during Marquee Matchups. Example - Tomorrow's marquee matchups would most likely have Rangers-Celtic match. So, I bid for any Rangers/Celtic players for less than 300 in the market. I bid on 100 items, and win atleast 20 items. I list all these items during Marquee matchup time with start price as 200 and end price as 3000-4000. If this match indeed gets into the marquee matchups, of the 20 players, atleast 4-5 players would get sold for max buy and remaining will get sold for 500-1000 coins. Now, think of the profit here. For 20 cards, we spent 6000. But, we earn at least (5*3000 + 15*500) = 22500. So, profit is 16500. If you do this with say 50 players, you would earn around 50K. What about worst case scenario? If the match is not part of marquee matchups, you can hold them for later, or even sell them for your purchase price itself. In any case, the loss will be minimal. The important catch here is, you should know when to list the items.