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FIFA 19 Guide: How To Snipe Players And Make Fast Coins In FIFA 19 Transfer Market

2019-02-23 08:55:46

If you are sick of endlessly grinding in the game, sniping players is one of the best ways to unlock elite players and make a large amount of coins fast in FIFA 19 transfer market. This method night be pretty complicated and time-consuming, however, once you’ve mastered the techniques we are talking about in this article, you will earn hundreds over millions of coins easily and fast.

Snipe Players


How To Get Started?
Herein we show to how to snipe Premier League Defenders step by step as an example:
1.Go to Transfer Market
2.Player quality: Gold.
3. Position: Defenders. (when the CB position is cheap at the moment select RB or LB)
4. Select: Premier League.
5. Set Buy now to: 400 or 450 (Depends on the value extends in FUT 19 and the console you’re 6. playing FIFA on. (In the main long stretches of FIFA 19 the estimation of the players are higher).
Search players.
Once qualified players appear in the indexed lists, snipe them immediately, since those players will be sold in a couple of minutes.
How To Find The Best Filters Within Seconds?
Find popular players in the Premier League. The best players are cards that sell for around 2000 coins and 81 rated or less. This means that because they are 81 or lower rated they get packed so many times that they get listed more times than any other card. Meaning that you have more chances to snipe.
Here’s an Example:Benjamin Mendy (LB Manchester City) 81 rated: Currently sells for 2100 coins.
Who Are The Best Players To Snipe In FIFA 19?
To find the best players to snipe in FIFA 19 is to find players that are 81 or lower rated that sell for around 2000 coins. Because those players get packed all the time, meaning that more get listed on the market every minute. And finding players that are worth around 2000 coins means that EA tax isn’t much and people tend to list players for around 300-400 coins cheaper than the cheapest to sell instantly.
Additionally, when a good player card is given to a novice player, he might put the player on sale for a lot less than he is actually worth. When this happens, you should get the player as soon as he is available on the market or someone else will. So, next time when lack enough coins to snipe players, come to pointssale.com for Cheap FIFA 19 Coins. Comparing with other online in-game currency store, we offer a much lower price. Additionally, our delivery are fast and reliable. So, have a try!


How To Snipe Cheap Players On The FUT Transfer Market Easily In FIFA 19?
Basically, there are three techniques to do this. The first involves the start price and increasing that to 15M and working your way down. Just simply changing the values by one each time and performing a search until a result comes up. Alternatively, you can simply press the Y button on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation to go to the transfer targets screen and then you click back and repeat this until the player you desire shows up to buy now.
Last method on the list which is unarguably the best is to press X on Xbox or Square on PS3/PS4 and do a compare prices search and then press back. This is the quickest and most effective of all sniping methods and will help you in making loads of coins and profit from players in Ultimate Team.