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Early Look at Madden 20 - Release Date, New Features, Price & Pre-Order And More

2019-04-17 08:45:23

Another year, another Madden Although there’s still a long time to go until the game releases, Madden fans are already excited about the latest instalment of the world’s most popular American football game. As we know, the game gets better in every aspects year after year. Here’s everything we know and everything we can tell you about Madden 20 based on leaks. In addition, in the future, we Pointssale.com will keep you updated on all the latest details on Madden 20. So, stay tuned to our website. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Madden 19 Points, you can also visit our website.

Madden NFL 20

Madden 19 Release Date And Platforms
At the moment, the game developer EA Sports hasn’t announced a official Madden 20 release date. However, if the past Madden timelines are correct, Madden 20 should be releasing worldwide in August. While Madden 19 was released on August 10th, Madden 16, Madden 17 and Madden 18 released on the last week of August during NFL training camps.
With that said, fans can get access to a special edition of Madden 20 arrives on August 6.
If you wanna play the game early, you can subscribe to EA Access and Origin Access Premier service, which should enable you to to play the game as early as August 1st.
As these dates are unconfirmed, so EA can change this around at any time and pushes it back to late August.
Madden 20 will be available for Microsoft Windows, XBox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.
Madden 20 Price and Pre-order
At the time of writing, you can already pre-order Madden 20 at one retailer, GameStop. The base version of the game costs you $59.99. And we should expect to see special editions with extra items later this year. Of course, special editions will be more expensive and it should be around 80 dollars.
Madden 20 Features & Graphics
The first major leak for Madden 20 includes a product description of the game that outlines a campaign mode similar to MLB The Show’s”Road to the Show”and a coach mode upgrade. Here’s what the description includes:
“Other single player modes include the option of simulating seasons as a coach. Campaign mode where you create your own player and play through an immersive world story and challenges both on and off the field.”


Madden 20 Ultimate Team Changes
It seems that MUT is getting some changes as well. Thanks to the Sports Gamers Online leak, we know there will be three major changes that should be implemented in Madden 20, as you can see below:
Superstar Abilities – it seems that superstar players may have a special ability or bonus power to team ratings.
Missions – This is a MLB The Show style feature that may tie Card rewards to completing in game missions. In this case, for example, if you wanted a rare Ray Lewis card, you may have to meet requirements like “sacks in a game” plus “forced fumbles” plus something else to net you the card.
Challenges – Upgrades to the Challenges that bring in a multiplayer component.
That’s all we currently know about Madden20. Stay tuned to Pointssale.com for more Madden 20 news.