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Advanced Defense Strategies for Madden NFL 19 Beginners

2019-05-05 08:59:48

Some players may dread playing defense in Madden NFL, especially beginners. Successful defense depends on too many factors. Playing defense is largely a by-feel endeavor. The more you play defense and become comfortable with your team's playbook, the better your defense will perform on the field. However, mastering the following defense techniques will do improve your defense in general.


Do the drills. Those drills do a good job of teaching real football concepts, and when your defense gets beat, you need to have your finger on the pulse of why so you can call a more appropriate defense the next time.
Use the correct package. 3 WR = Nickel, 4 WR = Dime. Fewer than that? Base defense (3-4 or 4-3). Quarter is essentially for Prevent. Do not call a defense before you see the offense's personnel, and make sure you get into the right package before you call a play.
Tinker! Again, just as on offense, you want to be using all of the audibles and modifications available to you pre-snap. Don't be afraid to send a lineman on a flat zone, or a linebacker on a spy. Set your secondary to cover underneath if you keep giving up short plays. You don't want to do stupid things, of course -- don't ever blitz a safety without actually calling a safety blitz, don't have several linemen drop into zone (a QB with 15 seconds to find an open receiver, will generally do so for about 50 yards), don't have your safeties cheat underneath when your opponent has been throwing deep, etc.
Try to always matchup vs the opponent's personnel. This is the best way to give yourself a chance. If they have 2 WR you can stay with the basic formation (4-3 or 3-4). If they have 3 WR, make sure to play it in the nickel formation so you will be able to call man coverage without having a LB or a safety on a WR.
Last, as with formations, 3-4 is horrid. Just the way guys set up doesn’t work. It makes running up the middle too easy.

4-3 is nearly always the better choice, even if the team is built for a 3-4 (move pass rushing OLB to DE and DE to DT in the death charts). It creates a more balanced front that is harder to run against.

4 -6 (only in some playbooks, Bengals for instance) is always my go to. It brings a safety into the box but uses 4-3 personnel. Very hard to run against, but stopping the pass requires solid usering.

4 - 6 Cover 3 or Cover 3 Match should be your base play. Don’t run it 100% of the time, but when in doubt, default to this. I usually press my corners and shade underneath, but use pre-play adjustments accordingly to counter where your opponent likes to throw.
The easiest way to beat this is to have a streak out of the slot. It has a short window, so take it away with a MLB in a hook zone (yellow), then return to the middle of the field. Right powerful players are also huge advantage to strong defense. If you lack a powerful WR, you can buy such a players with Cheap Madden 19 Points at Pointssale.com.
Running any defense requires adjusting and, more importantly, knowing what to adjust to. If a guy runs 4 verts, run man. If he scrambles, throw on a spy. If he throws underneath, run cover 2 zone and user a safety.
That’s the end of this guide. Hopefully it helps!