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A Comprehensive NBA 2K19 Contract Economics Guide

2019-04-11 08:44:28

I see many NBA 2K19 fans asking about how to get contract cards, how to afford their lineups, etc. therefore, today, our Pointssale.com made up make this quick and simple guide on contract economics. Hopefully, it would be helpful for you.

Contract Guide

What's The Easiest Way to Get Contracts in NBA 2K19 MyTeam?
First, you can do the 1st game of each schedule challenge of all 30 teams (30 teams multiplied by 5 random contracts per packs). Then save your contracts for amethyst players and above.
Make a budget lineup for easy and short challenges too. 5 starters with gold and sapphire cards at best, or infinite contract players + bronze players only for the rest of the team.
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Contract Cost Breakdown in NBA 2K19 MyTeam
Cost per game, buying direct, purchasing 5 contracts:
Bronze: 8 MT, 16 VC
Silver: 16 MT, 32 VC
Gold: 24 MT, 48VC
Emerald: 32 MT, 96 VC
Sapphire: 40 MT, 120 VC
Ruby: 48 MT, 144 VC
Amethyst: 80 MT, 192 VC
Diamond: 100 MT, 216 VC
Cost of example super max lineup per game buying direct with MT:
1 Diamond (100 MT), 1 Amy (80 MT), 6 Rubies (288 MT), 2 Sapphires (80 MT), 3 Bronzes (24 MT) = 572 MT total per game.
Cost of example schedule and challenge lineup:
7 Golds (168 MT) , 3 Silvers (48 MT), 3 Bronzes (24 MT)=  240 MT total per game.
Tips for Managing Contracts in MyTeam
When you purchase contracts for your players, do not do so in the lineup screen. For whatever reason, the only way you can purchase contracts in the lineup screen is to buy contracts for every single player in your lineup. Only buy contracts when you go to start your next domination game or challenge or whatever, it will prompt you to buy contracts for players who have zero contracts left.
Never quick sell low cards like bronzes. There’s lots of  One option is to put them into the auction house. They actually sell for heaps sometimes because lots of people (like myself) are trying to complete the sets for tokens. The second option is to try to collect the entire team for tokens. You also unlock other rewards if you collect a lot of cards. You don’t have to redeem contracts though. That’s a waste of MT.
Every week there is at least two challenges that are Pro difficulty or lower. For those easy challenges, you should have a separate lineup with an all bronze, or close to all bronze players. In this way, you can save money for expensive players on hard level challenges.


If you run out of coins and you are desperate need of contract cards, you can do the first challenge in every schedule mode which rewards you with a contract pack with 5 contract cards.