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Neverwinter Fangbreaker Island Quest Guide Part One: How to Get Everfrost Resistance and Get 3100 Item Level

2019-01-14 09:09:15

Fangbreaker Island is the third hardest dungeon in the entire game and a high level dungeon. So, Completing this dungeon is a source of pride for “Neverwinter” players everywhere. However, it it very difficult for players to beat this dungeon, and you can only access it when you item level is at least 3100. Higher IL is highly recommended. To help you out, I’ve made up this guide, which is spited into two parts. First, how to get it, or how to get the required IL and frost resistance. Secondly, once you get in, how to fight the bosses. Today, we talk about the first part.

Fangbreaker Island

How to get Everfrost Resistance for Fangbreaker Island?
1. The campaign does not only give 4% from boons, but will also feature new Undergarments and Reinforcement Kits that add another 12%. This would boost the EF Resistance gained from the campaign to 16%.

2. Add 5% from an Everfrost Potion and all you need to cover with gear is 7%. That's two pieces of empowered Frostborn gear or the empowered Relic boots that can drop from the major Heroic Encounters in the new zones.

3. Guilds can also buy a new buff food in their Strongholds that adds 2%. It might not make the requirement reasonable, but you also aren't forced to buy into the dungeon. All they need to do is fully unlock the campaign and grind out the Relic boots. The Greater Underwear starts at 10,000 Voninblod and 50 Ten-Towns Supplies.

4. The Armor Kit is 5,000 and 40 Supplies. It’s not surprising you need to put in substantial grind to reach the 28% free-to-play style. It fits the pay-to-accelerate approach of the game. It could also be that you are unable to enter Fangbreakers as soon as you have unlocked it, because you are forced to complete other campaign tasks first to get the Underwear etc.

The Max Everfrost Resistance from Gear Is 22%.

You can get up to 22% Everfrost Resistance from gear. There are three pieces of empowered Frostborn (4+4+6) and the empowered Relic Boots (8). With food and potion buffs, you are already good to go, but you need to complete the campaign up to the dungeon unlock as well.


How to Get 3100 Item Level?


A basic character with purple gear has 16 gear slots, including Artifacts. Epic gear starts at 130 item level. So 16 slots net 2,080 which leaves 1,020 to be covered by 22 enchantment slots, including Reinforcement. That's slightly over 46 per Enchantment, or Rank 9s.

And actually the reality matches that theory. Building a character in full Rank 9s and current gear brings players to 3,112 item level. As you can see we used some M10 gear like the Frostborn Raid Gauntlets and Shieldbearer's Raid Sabatons, assuming players need them to enter Fangbreakers anyway because of the Everfrost Resistance. Most of the purple gear already has over the 130 item level we calculated with, but you need to bring Artifacts to legendary level to match that. Another easy way to get 3100 item level is to buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen right from pointssale.com, the cheapest online in-game currency store.
The plus in item level from gear also offsets the fact that the Reinforcement Kits only grant 35 at best. You don't even need Major kits everywhere, the example uses Greater Kits in the Jewelry.